Why Seminars? 

Seminars are geared toward churches and/or local groups who may who may want to reach more people in their location or as edification for church

 Types of Seminars: 

- Health Seminar

-Prophecy Seminar

-Youth Week

Our health seminars are designed to educate all on biblical health principles, the cause, prevention and cure for the leading diseases that we are plagued with today. Practical demonstrations are also done nightly on hygienic cooking, hydrotherapy, and natural remedies.
This offers an in depth study of Revelation and Daniel, relating the prophecies to the current events taking place in our world. Many are dying for a want, not of food, but the spiritual bread that could only be found in Jesus. Some would never be touched, except we reach out to them.

Plan now to have a seminar conducted in your area! Also we are able to send you a marketing package. Contact our office for more information at 1(844) 433-3654 or email us at info@edenlifestyle.org