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  • Samantha Jouavel

    Do i juice the lemon with just the olive oil or do i add water to it.

    • edenlife

      Hi Samantha, Yes with just the olive oil and lemon, you want it to be concentrated. You may drink water after if you feel the need.

    • Samantha Jouavel

      can i use this product if am taking vitamins and can i use the whole bag instead of just the seven days?

      • edenlife

        Yes, you can use this product while taking vitamins. Do not take both at the same time; It is recommended to take the EaseySweep an hour before your vitamins. Go ahead with the full bag and send in your testimonial after your cleanse!

  • Sophia

    Are we allowed to normally keep eating our usual meals during these 3 days.

    • edenlife

      Ideally, it will be best to do it on a juice cleanse(apple juice, grapefruit juice, green juices etc.) We recommend increasing your apple consumption which will help soften any stones. Apple juice works great as well. The main thing is ensuring your colon is cleaned after the liver cleanse, to ensure all stones are evacuated.

  • Potipher Chumamunda

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  • Alojamiento

    This 3 day cleanse looks interesting. I ve been juicing for a while but I haven t done a cleanse. 3 days seems like something I can try. I need to check my fruit and veggies to see if I need to get more ingredients.

  • KayJay

    Hello to you!

    A few questions re the liver cleanse..

    1. Am I eating as ‘normal’ during the 3 days?
    2. Is there a time gap between eating and drinking the liver cleanse?
    3. Day 3 of the cleanse is unclear to me. If I do the lemon enema then I don’t need the Easey Cleanse … correct? And should I do the lemon emena 3-7 days or is this time period only for the Easey Cleanse product?

    • edenlife

      Hellow KAYJAY, for ideal results we recommend doing juicing whiles you cleanse, however, you can do raw by eating only melon (watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, etc.) or you can eat as normal, which will not give you optimal results but can still work. If eating, however, make sure you drink cleanse at least 30 minutes before eating. If you do the lemon enema, you will want to do 2-3 enemas (throughout the say) before you start and 2-3 enemas (throughout the say) on the 4th day after you’ve taken all the juices, because you will begin to pass stones, and you need to flush it out of your colon to avoid other problems.